Induction Heating System

Stead fast Engineers is a pioneer in manufacturing world class Induction heating machines under the brand name ‘STEFEN’. STEFEN induction heating machines are sophisticated yet user friendly. Using state of the art technology these machines are designed to increase the customer’s profitability and improve his market credibility by minimizing down time. Following are the benefits of STEFEN induction heating system.

  • Production can be started and stopped immediately.
  • More uniform heating of the billet thereby increasing die life.
  • Since the temperature can be controlled either manually or automatically hence the rejection of pieces is minimum.
  • Minimum maintenance and downtime owing to reliable construction and design.
  • Guaranteed written energy consumption.
  • Reduced manpower resulting in reduction in human error.
Product Available With
  • Stefen Smartheat
  • Stefen Quickheat
  • Series Inverter Design
  • Power factor above 0.98 at all Loads
  • Single Digital module in entire power supply
  • Digital module with 5 years warranty
  • Capacity 50 KW to 1200 KW
  • Maximum guaranteed output efficiency
  • No Breakdowns
  • Automatic Temperature Control
  • Automatic frequency control
  • Rugged Construction
  • Parallel Inverter Design
  • Power factor above 0.95
  • Maximum guaranteed output efficiency
  • No Breakdowns
  • Available from 100KW to 3000 KW
  • Rugged Construction
Product List Here

1. Induction Billet Heaters

2. Induction Bar Heater

3. Induction Billet/Bar End Heater

4. Induction Rework Heater/Customised Induction Heating

Stead Fast Engineers has a team of skilled engineers having vast experience and technical know-how in the induction field. With a wide range of products Stead Fast has emerged a pioneer in the induction world. Some of our other products are listed below: