Induction Spares


  • Water Cooled Cables for all make of Induction Furnace.
  • Lamination yokes welded / nut bolt type with/without water cooled.
  • Mica sheets coil/tubes/ washer/ yoke mica/mica tape/ glass mica glass tepe.
  • F.R.P sheet/ flat /tube/washer/spacers.
  • Syndanyo sheet/taper/top & bottom ring/spacers of all sizes.
  • Glass tape/woven tape/silicon tape.
  • Temperature sensor /flowswitch & spares.
  • Carbon free heat resistant cable coolant hose with/without asbestos covered.
  • Asbestos sheets /asbestos cloth/asbestos rope of all sizes and thickness.
  • Subond make flexicoat/ epoxy compound.
  • SS sheets/ flat /rod /pipe / tie rod/ ss dummy ring of all size and all grade.
  • Copper conductor wire rope pure electrolytic grade hand twisted .
  • Spare copper coil section for all sizes & copper nipple.
  • Copper pipe / flat/ round/and bus bar of ec grade.
  • Thyristor invertor & rectifier/ hrc fuses/ change over switchs.
  • Resistance/start thyristor/diod/ pcbs/capacitors/transformers & cts.
  • Hydraulic pumps dawty & yuken make and hydraulic high pressure hose.
  • Hydraulic power pack/d.c.choke/inter connecting copper busbar & capacitor.
  • SS clamps/ ss nut bolt & washer/pvc nylone pipe.
  • Parmali wood of all sizes heat resistant quality.


  • Master controller & spares.
  • Rotary limit switch/ worm drive limit switch/differential limit switch.
  • Lever limit switch/lever limit switch in aluminium cast enclosure.
  • Gravity limit switch/gravity switch in aluminium cast enclosur.
  • Electro hydraulic thrustor brake / electro hydraulic thrustor & spares.
  • Electro hydraulic thrustor brake main spring/brake frame.
  • Single phase electro magnetic brake/coil with plunger/ coil without plunger.
  • Brake shoes with liner/ brake liner.
  • Flexible half geared coupling/flexible full geared coupling.
  • Brake drum / brake drum with flexible geared coupling.
  • Drum controller / finger contact assembly/ moving contact ring copper.
  • Half round contact copper.

Stead Fast Engineers has a team of skilled engineers having vast experience and technical know-how in the induction field. With a wide range of products Stead Fast has emerged a pioneer in the induction world. Some of our other products are listed below: